Do you have a situation in your life that you know is just not working for you and you just can’t decide on what to do about it? It all seems too hard?

Read on for my 4-Step process to help you get unstuck.

Step 1: Self-Awareness

It all begins with SELF-AWARENESS.

We cannot change what we are unaware of and what we don’t acknowledge.

Sometimes the awareness come to us like a slap in the face with a wet fish! There is no mistaking what the problem is and what needs to change. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship or an awful work situation. We realise once and for all that, no matter how much we wish things were different, they are NOT going to get better on their own. Something has to give.

At other times, we just know that we aren’t happy, things aren’t working out the way we had hoped, we feel discontented, a bit lost… we are procrastinating, stuck in self-sabotaging habits. Can’t seem to find clarity on a way forward, what to do next…

Whatever it is for you, take some time to explore your Inner Parts, get to know them, listen to what they are telling you. Journal about what you discover. The key here is NON-JUDGEMENT. Just allow the thoughts, feelings and emotions to rise within you and observe them without labelling them, judging them or making them bad or wrong. They just are what they are. Write in your journal what you discover.

Step 2: Self-Acceptance

We are powerful beyond measureAccepting that whatever it is we are unhappy with, it is only ONE PART of us and our life – it’s not ALL of who we are.

Each one of us has many strengths and capabilities that help us to get through each and every day of our life.

It’s important to accept that it’s OK to have parts of us that don’t feel so good too. These parts are actually to be celebrated – not feared and pushed back down so we can’t feel them.

They are our internal messengers. They are telling us what is not working for us, what’s holding us back and what’s harming us. These feelings are an essential part of us that are designed to keep us safe. They alert us to what needs to change.

Step 3: Self-Responsibility

We can’t make change in other people – how they speak, behave or their beliefs.
We can only make changes within and for ourselves.

Our happiness and what we achieve in this life is 100% OUR RESPONSIBILITY. End of story.

And if we feel we don’t have the knowledge, skills, tools or resources to make those changes, then it is our responsibility to make the effort to find what it is we need to move forward.

It’s OK to reach out and to seek the help you need. We don’t need to feel that we have to do it all on our own.

There are so many tools available to support us on our journey – counselling, reading, coaching, crystals, meditation, remedies, inner child work, energy therapy, psychology, reiki, breathwork, oracle cards, medication, art therapy, journaling, getting into nature, earthing, singing, playing music and so on… Whatever method works for you.

If finances are tight, choose something that is free or low cost. Just pick one thing and make a start.

Step 4: Self-Love

Turn the pageSelf-Love = Following Through & Not Giving Up!

Making change can be difficult and uncomfortable. But know that you are worth it! You are worth making an effort for.

Great change is made through small steps…
Taken one at a time. Consistently. Repeatedly.

Also give yourself permission to change the tools you are using – tune in to what you need at that time and allow yourself to experience something new.

As you change, evolve and grow – the tools that you use along the way will change along with you.

Above all – don’t give up on yourself!
If you fall off the wagon, pick yourself up and get back on it again. And again. And again…


Give me a call or email me if you need help getting UN-STUCK and inviting CHANGE into your life.
I’d love to support and guide you on your journey.
Consultations can be face-to-face or online via Zoom anywhere in the world.


Judy Glover is an Integrative Therapist, utilising the synergy of conventional “talk-therapy” Counselling methods along with Inner Child work and Energy Therapy modalities.
She is a qualified Counsellor, Certified Crystal Healer (Hibiscus Moon method), The Liquid Crystals Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner (Usui & Seichim) and has been initiated into the 9 rites of the Munay Ki.
Each session with Judy is tailored just for you. With her holistic approach she collaborates with you, guides and supports you on your journey of Self-Awareness through to Self-Love.



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