In today’s video, I want to follow on with the theme of Assertiveness, Boundaries & Self-Esteem and talk about how they relate to our chakras.


Most of you will be familiar with our 7 in-body chakras shown in this diagram.

Chakra Chart






The 3 lower chakras represent our physical aspect in this life and the upper 3 chakra the more spiritual or soul aspects with the heart chakra as the bridge in between.

1st – Base or Root Chakra

Root ChakraYour base or root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is represented by the colour red.

It is the first chakra to form after conception, and is about our sense of survival, safety, stability & security; our connection to family and ancestral ties; connection to our physical body; it’s about trust; and our primal needs and instincts. When it is balanced it provides us with a “stable foundation” and a place to stand firm on this earth. And you can easily recognise and set your boundaries. When it’s not balanced we feel fear. 

2nd – Sacral ChakraSacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located just below your belly button and is represented by the colour orange.

The sacral is our creativity centre, it is about our feelings, emotions and sexuality. When your sacral is balanced your feelings & emotions can flow freely and be expressed without being overly emotional. When it is out of balance this flow gets blocked, we have trouble actually feeling our feelings, and we may also be co-dependent. Feelings of guilt get stored here.

3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus ChakraThe solar plexus or naval chakra is located above your belly button and just below your rib cage. It’s colour is yellow.

It relates to your sense of self, your personal power and your self-esteem and confidence.

When your solar plexus is open you feel in control and can assert yourself with others. When it’s not you won’t feel worthy or deserving, and you may feel powerless and have a victim mentality.

4th – Heart Chakra

Heart ChakraThe heart chakra is located in the centre of your chest and it’s colour is green or sometimes shown as pink.

The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras.

It is about love – giving and receiving love.
Love for self and love for others.

When it is open and balanced you show kindness and empathy (to yourself and others), and are open, friendly and your relationships are harmonious.

5th – Throat Chakra

Throat ChakraThe throat chakra is located right here at the throat and it’s colour is blue.

It is about your voice, self-expression and speaking your truth.

When it is open and balanced you calmly and easily have an assertive style of communication, however when it is out of balance you tend not to speak up, and can also find it hard to really “listen” to other people and “hear” what they are telling you.

6th – Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Third Eye ChakraThe third eye or brow chakra is located in the centre of your forehead between your eye brows, its colour is indigo.

It is your centre of insight, intuition, inspiration, ideas, focus and visualisation – your thinking centre.

If it is not balanced you may be very rigid in your thinking, get stuck in your “stories”, you may have trouble seeing the bigger picture, or making decisions for yourself, and get confused quite easily.

7th – Crown Chakra

Crown ChakraYour crown chakra colour is violet, it’s about wisdom and your connection to your higher self, to Source Energy / The Universe / God / the All That Is / The Divine – whatever your belief system calls it. It’s your connection to everyone and everything.

When it’s out of balance you may find yourself in judgement of yourself or others and feeling disconnected from everyone and everything around you.

With the heart being the bridge:
The base chakra and the throat chakra work together.
The sacral and the third eye.
The solar plexus and the crown.

The base chakra helps you set your boundaries, and the throat chakra helps you express them using assertive communication.
The sacral chakra is your creativity centre & it’s about your feelings, whereas the third eye is your insight and your intellect or thinking centre.
The solar plexus relates to your self-esteem and how your value yourself – and your crown is about your connection to others.

What if your chakras are out of balance?

So if your base chakra is not balanced, then you will have trouble setting boundaries, let alone expressing them assertively through your throat chakra.

If your sacral is not balanced, then you’ll have trouble connecting to your true feelings, and then constructing clear thoughts about them through your third eye – and so definitely can’t express them through the throat chakra.

If your solar plexus is not balanced and you have very low self-esteem and you don’t value yourself, then you will feel disconnected from the people and world around you through your crown.

This is a very brief outline and only a snippet of the aspects that the chakras represent.

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