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How can I help you?


Are you facing overwhelming life circumstances and need help to cope with them?

Do you feel disconnected and emotionally blocked?

Maybe you are feeling hurt, angry, depressed, negative and scattered?

Are you experiencing a lack of purpose in your life?

Or are you feeling lost, as if you have forgotten your chosen path in life?

Have you lost your adventurous spirit, your desire to grow, laugh and do new things?

Have you been affected by the life-long impact of adoption?

Do you wish to…


Get unstuck, move forward with inner strength, a sense of freedom and choice.

Understand “Who am I?”… “Why am I here?”… “What’s important to me?” and “Where am I going?”…

Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Learn to establish healthy boundaries, and create loving, healthy relationships and connections with others.

Expand your inner strengths through self-awareness, personal growth and empowerment.

Discover your authentic self and live in YOUR Truth.


Contact me today!


I offer a free 20 minute consultation for you and I to have a chat about how I can help you.

This can be over the phone or online with Zoom.

Call me or send me an email to find out more.

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